Converging and conflicting ethical values in the internal/external security in continuum in Europe.

A research project funded by the European Union.
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Sergio Carrera PDF Print E-mail

Research Fellow




• Migration and Borders
• Social Inclusion and Identity
• Citizenship
• Security
• Area of Freedom, Security and Justice and Treaty of Lisbon


Books and reports

Carrera, S., D. Bigo, E. Guild and R. Walker, The Changing Landscape of European Liberty and Security: Mid-term Report on the Results of the CHALLENGE Project, CHALLENGE Paper No. 4, February 2007.

Carrera S. & T. Balzacq (eds.), Security versus Freedom: A Challenge for Europe’s Future? Ashgate Publishing: Hampshire, 2006.

Carrera, S. (ed.), The Nexus between Immigration, Integration and Citizenship in the EU, CHALLENGE Collective Conference Volume, April 2006, Centre for European Policy Studies, CEPS: Brussels.


Carrera, S. and F. Geyer, ‘El Tratado de Lisboa y un Espacio de Libertad, Seguridad y Justicia: Excepcionalismo y Fragmentación en la Unión Europea’, Revista de Derecho Comunitario Europeo, Número 29, forthcoming, 2008. - Carrera, S. and F. Geyer, ‘The Reform Treaty and Justice and Home Affairs – Implications for the common Area of Freedom, Security and Justice’, in Guild, E. and Geyer, F. (eds), Security versus Justice? Police and Judicial Cooperation in the European Union, Ashgate: Aldershot, 2008, pp. 289 – 307. - Carrera, S., FRONTEX and the EU’s Integrated Border Management Strategy, Lodge, J. (ed.), Are You Who You Say You Are? The EU and Biometric Borders, Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers, 2007, pp. 67-100.

Carrera, S., Building a Common Policy on Labour Migration: Towards a Comprehensive and Global Approach in the EU?, CEPS Working Document No. 256, Centre for European Policy Studies: Brussels, 2007.

Carrera, S., ‘Programas de integración para inmigrantes: una perspectiva comparada en la Unión Europea’, Revista Migraciones, N. 20, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, Madrid, 2006, pp. 37-73.


• PhD. (candidate) University of Maastricht
• LL.M. University of Maastricht
• University of Salamanca


English, French, Spanish


• 2006 – present: Head of Section and Research Fellow at the JHA Section of CEPS
• 2005 – present: External Expert on JHA to the European Economic and Social Committee & to the Policy Unit of the European Parliament.
• 2004 – present: Associate Researcher University of Maastricht
• 2003- 2006: Research Fellow, JHA Section at CEPS
• 2002-2003: Research Assistant, JHA Section at CEPS
• 2000-2001: Lawyer