Converging and conflicting ethical values in the internal/external security in continuum in Europe.

A research project funded by the European Union.
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Rita Abrahamsen PDF Print E-mail

International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO)
Reader in International Politics, Aberystwyth

Current Research

  • African Politics
  • Postcolonial theory and development
  • Transnationalism and global governance
  • Security privatisation



Disciplining Democracy: Development Discourse and Good Governance in Africa . Zed Books, London , 2000 (pp.168). (Indonesian Edition Sudut Gelap Kemajuan , 2004)


‘Securing the City: Private Security Companies and Non-State Authority in Global Governance'

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‘Introduction: The Privatisation and Globalisation of Security in Africa ' International Relations 21(2), 2007:131-141 (with Michael C. Williams).

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