Converging and conflicting ethical values in the internal/external security in continuum in Europe.

A research project funded by the European Union.
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J. Peter Burgess PDF Print E-mail

International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO)
Research Professor

Leader, Security Programme
Editor, Security Dialogue

Current Research

• The ethical implications of security and insecurity
• Non-conventional security threats and the new cultural of insecurity
• The social determination of risk
• Revising NATO's strategic concept
• Philosophy of value
• Europe as moral community
• The Globalisation of European security identity


Books and Reports

Burgess, J. Peter; Anthony Amicelle, Edien Bartels, Rocco Bellanova, Alfio Cerami, Erik Eggum, Gunhild Hoogensen, Sonja Kittelsen, Kim Knibbe, Martijn de Koning, Khalid Koser, Keith Krause & Oscar Salemink, 2007. Promoting Human Security: Ethical, Normative and Educational Frameworks in Western Europe . Paris: UNESCO.

Burgess, J. Peter, 2006. ' A Critical Evaluation of the Commission Communication to the European Parliament and the Council Concerning the Recruitment of Terrorist Groups: Combating the Factors that Contribute to Violent Radicalisation (COM/2005/0313 final) ', Report to the European Parliament, .

Burgess, J. Peter, ed., 2006. Europeisk identitet / L'identité européenne . Oslo: Forlaget Press.

Burgess, J. Peter, 2007. ' The Evolution of European Union Law and Carl Schmitt's Theory of the Nomos of Europe ', in Louiza Odysseos & Fabio Petito, eds, The International Political Thought of Carl Schmitt. London: Routledge (185–201).

Burgess, J. Peter, 2007. ' Norge: Europeisk uten EU ' [Norway: European without EU], Aftenposten, 16 april 2007, 16 April.

Burgess, J. Peter, 2006. ' Utfordringen for europeisk sikkerhetsforskning ' [The Challenge for European Security Research], Forskerforum. Tidsskrift for Norsk forskerforbund 38(9).


• D.E.A., Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris (1990)
• City University of New York (1989)
• M.Phil. Columbia University (1989)
• Freie Universität, Berlin (1987-88)
• Université de Paris VII (1986-87)
• M.A., University of Chicago (1986)
• B.A., University of Iowa (1984)
• B.S., University of Colorado (1983)


English, Norwegian, French, German, Italian, Dutch


• 2001 - present: Research Professor, PRIO
• 2004 - present: Programme Leader, Security Programme, PRIO
• 2001 - present: Editor-in-Chief, Security Dialogue
• 2007- Adjunct Professor, Risk psychology, University of Trondheim.
• 2006-2007 Guest Professor, Institut d'études politiques de Paris
• 2004 Professor, cultural studies and philosophy, Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), University of Oslo
• 2000-2001 Associate Professor, Cultural History, Volda College
• 1998-2001 Senior Researcher, PRIO (20%)
• 1999-2000 Jean Monnet Fellow, Robert Schumann Centre for Advanced Studies, EUI, Florence
• 1998-1999 Jean Monnet Fellow, Dept. of History & Civilisation, EUI, Florence
• 1997-1998 Research Fellow, Volda College